Cloudco Entertainment, Watchnext Media and Kavaleer Announces New Animated Kids Comedy – Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese ™, along with Broadcast Pickups at CBBC & Gulli

LOS ANGELES (October 2, 2018)

Cloudco Entertainment, Watchnext Media and Kavaleer Productions are excited to announce a new animated kids sitcom – Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese™.  Produced by Watchnext Media and Kavaleer studios in France and in Ireland, the series has been ordered by the BBC for CBBC in the UK, commisioned by the French television network, Gulli and pre-bought by RTÉ with additional funding secured from the Irish Film board.This is the first time CBBC and Gulli have collaborated on a children’s animated coproduction.  

Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese (BGDCMC) has a comedic take on the blended family. The dad’s “sons” are a boy, a dog, and a mouse. The mom’s “daughters” are a girl, a cat and an anthropomorphic piece of cheese. Though greatly different (and weird to outsiders), the new family learns to love each other and live together under one roof.  Set to debut from 2019, this hilarious animated series can be best described as the blended family of “Brady Bunch” meets the lovable disfunction of “Modern Family.”

“This is a stand out comedy that made us cry with laugher from the moment we were pitched the concept! We can’t wait to introduce it to our audience,” said Jackie Edwards
Head of Acquisitions, BBC Children’s

“When Watch Next Media introduced us to this project, we were immediately taken with the off-the-wall humour of this original program,” said Caroline Cochaux, Managing Director, Lagardère Active TV France & International & CEO of Gulli.“It is great comedy! Beyond a shadow of a doubt, with this hilarious step-family, we will gather young and old alike. And past the comedy, as Youth’s French leader, it’s very important for Gulli to show that a family is first and foremost people that love each other, regardless of the origins, differences or particularities of each family member .” 

The series will be executive produced by Cloudco Entertainment (Executive Producers Karen Vermeulen, Ryan Wiesbrock, and Sean Gorman), Watch Next Media (Philippe Alessandri), Kavaleer Productions (Gary Timpson and Andrew Kavanagh) and directed by Jeremy Guiter. Jo Allen will serve as BBC Executive on the show.

Tom Krajewski,  known for his work on “Buddy Thunderstruck” (another AGE-owned brand) and “Be Cool, Scooby Do!” is Story Editor, along with a great team of writers; alongside Harry Chaskin as Series Producer.

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About Boy, Girl, Boy, Cat, Mouse, Cheese

Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese™ is an animated, comedic take on a blended family, with Dad’s “sons” – a boy, a dog, and a mouse, and Mom’s “daughters” – a girl, a cat, and a piece of anthropomorphic cheese – learning to live together under one roof. They may be a weird family, but they love each other and care for each other in their own way.  

About Cloudco Entertainment

Cloudco Entertainment, formerly American Greetings Entertainment, is the owner for iconic entertainment brands such as Care Bears™, Holly Hobbie™, Madballs™, Packages from Planet X™, Twisted Whiskers™, Buddy Thunderstruck™ and its newest IP, Tinpo™. Cloudco Entertainment develops multi-platform entertainment franchises across all media channels and extensive consumer merchandising programs that immerse children and adults in brands they love.

About CBBC

CBBC is the go-to destination for children 6-12 to enjoy inspiring and enabling TV and Interactive experiences across all platforms. In July 2017, the BBC announced it biggest investment in children’s services in a generation – an additional £34 million. This will enable the BBC to reinvent how it serves its youngest audience in the years ahead, ensuring the BBC’s commitment to informing, educating and entertaining the UK’s children will continue, even as the way young audiences consume media fundamentally changes.

About Watch Next Media

Watchnext Media has been created 3 years ago by former Teleimages CEO Philippe Alessandri to produce high profile animation and live-action series for the international market. The Paris-based production company is currently producing 3 animated comedies, “Nate is Late” for France TV, Super RTL, Channel 9, “I, Elvis” for Canal +, TV3, Cartoon Network EMEA and “Best Bugs” for Disney EMEA. 

About Gulli

Gulli is the No. 1 TV broadcaster for kids! With an average of 17.8% market share with the 4-10 years olds in daytime programming in 2017, Gulli is leader on its core target.

More than just entertainment, Gulli is a referential, engaged and reassuring brand, and through its programs, it also offers ways of thinking about tolerance, open-mindedness and knowing how to live together.

More than just TV, field events are multiplying as are strong partnerships, innovations, and the diversification of its brands, are all elements that make the channel a true universe of reference for children and their families. Gulli is a brand close to their daily lives and passions. The development of digital media is indispensable. The quantity of videos seen (Replay, YouTube…)skyrockets from year to year: more than 360 million views in 2017 !

About Kavaleer Productions

Kavaleer Productions is one of Ireland’s foremost animation studios, recognised internationally as both a creator of award-winning children’s programming and a trusted co-producer and full-service studio. Over the last 17 years Kavaleer have produced three wholly developed shows ‘Garth & Bev’ (26x 11’, CBeebies, RTÉ Jr), ‘Wildernuts’ (52 x 7’, RTÉ Jr, Tiny Pop) and ‘Kiva Can Do!’ (52 x 11’, RTE Jr, Gulli, Nick Jr) Additionally, Kavaleer have provided services for or co-produced ‘Lifeboat Luke’ (52x 5’, RTÉ Jr) ‘Abadas’ (52x 11’, CBeebies, RTE Jr), ‘Boj’ (52 x 11’, CBeebies,RTÉ Jr) and most recently ‘Pablo’ (52 x 11, CBeebies, RTÉ Jr).

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